Abdullah AZAM

About me

Date of Birth: 31st March, 1988

Marital Status: Married

 Being part of this exciting industrial project is wonderful, working in a highly competent academic environment and working on an actual industrial problem in close collaboration with industry is an excellent experience.

Currently a PhD student at the University of Leeds, I am a part of the FUTURE-BET team alongwith four other colleagues. We are collectively working in collaboration with SKF BV the Netherlands to develop a new bearing model. The aim is to come up with a solution that would enable the bearings to be used in the roughest environments possible. Although having the same goal, we all are working on the different aspects of the problem yet my role is a bit different. Using the experimental data as bench, I have to develop a Computational scheme for handling the problems in the mixed lubrication regime (part contact, part film separated). Quantifying the effects of the environment on various tribological aspects specially wear and corrosion, is another key aspect in my model.

Before officially commencing this project, I was a part of the Computational Materials Research Group. Under the supervision of Dr. Fakhar-ul-Inam, I, alongwith other group members was working on the amorphous glasses. I was not able to complete these projects. I was also working at the University of Lahore as a lecturer. If interested in my previous experience, please refer to my Curriculum Vitae. 

I completed my bachelors and masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan. My first official research initiative was during my Master's degree under the supervision of Dr. Shafqat Hussain Shah and Dr. Muhammad Aftab Rafique. We used atomistic modelling to predict the morphology of nanoparticles.

The field of Research and development has always been my passion. Learning new things daily is a very good feeling. The more I observe nature, the more I appreciate it. I like to play football and cricket and am quite sociable. I love to meet new people and share experiences. When alone, I like to drive. Long drives and exploring new places is something I like the most.


  1. Atomistic simulations of CdS morphologies, Shafqat H. Shah, Abdullah Azam, Muhammad A. Rafiq (accepted for publication in the ASAP, Crystal Growth and Design)

About the project

Title: Modelling the tribocorrosion interface in the mixed lubrication regime

Supervisor name: Dr. Mark Wilson (University of Leeds) / Dr. Mark Van Drogen (SKF)


  • Report on the EHL-ML transition, incorporating the effects of surface chemistry, corrosion and interfacial reactions
  • Novel method of incorporation of effects of surface effects into numerical model using non-continuum approaches
  • Tribocorrosion model with experimental observations integrated through an inverse approach

Tasks and Methodology:

  • Non-continuum fluid film modelling
  • Inverse methods for interface characterisation
  • Multiscale methods for contact mechanics

Expected Outcomes:

  • New understanding on the EHL-ML transition incorporating the effects of surface chemistry, corrosion and interfacial reactions.
  • New approaches to incorporation of surface effects using non-continuum approaches
  • Incorporation of experimental observations through an inverse approach into new and existing models


  • 3 journal papers in Tribology Letters, and other associated journals
  • Presentations at ASME Tribology conference.
  • Outreach; computational methods in science festival


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